For as long as I've know Josh, which is years, maybe even a decade now, everyone called him 'junk'.  I have no idea where that nickname came from, and I feel like I've known him too long now to ask.   Although we've known one another for a while, it took traveling half way around the world to become close friends.  We grew up in slo county, knew all the same people, and I would defiantly say we were friends.  However I remember exactly the moment we became true friends, life long friends.  We were sitting at a kitchen table in a small town near Stuttgart Germany.  It was the beginning of a long European tour that would take us to over 15 different countries.  I digress, everyone ended up going to bed but junk and I stayed up, sharing stories of the past and ideas for the future; ending up on the balcony afraid we were being to loud, we watched the sunrise.  A life long friendship was formed.  Since that European tour (which is a whole long story of it's own), I've had the privilege of meeting his now wife Becca, photographing them in Big Sur and last October I was so blessed to spend some time in Costa Rica and Nicaragua with them for their wedding.  I think there's a common thread between all of us, we love to travel and can't quite seem to get enough of it.  

When Josh and Becca aren't traveling all over the place, they reside and work out of a rad salon in Paso Robles.  Anytime I'm in town I always schedule an appointment to get a cut with junk (which I need to do further out cause he's always booked).  One of the last times I was visiting, we took his Triumph out for a little joy ride and snapped some photos.  Junk told me about how he got started in hair, what it's like working with his wife at the same salon, and his plans for the future.  Read the interview below and whether you're in need of a  cut, looking to retouch or change up your color, or just want to stop by and kick it with a cozy guy, hit up junk for all your hair needs.  Great times hanging out my friend, I know there are many more to come.  Cheers.  

JOSH: Tell me who you are and what you do? JUNK:  My name is Josh Lucas and I’m a hairstylist. 

What’s it like being a hairstylist?  Being a hairstylist is something new everyday.  No matter if you do the same “haircut” ten times in a day its still ten different face shapes, hair textures, and personalities. 

I’ve always known you as junk.  Where did the nickname ‘junk’ come from?  I have no idea!  Probably happened after a long night of drinking and the next morning it never left haha.

What made you decide to do hair?  I’ve always known you as a touring musician.  Was there a specific reason or desire that led you to hair? I met quite a few hairstylists touring with the band and i always thought they had a pretty cool gig getting to be mobile with their tools and creative. 

Who are the majority of your clients?  I work with a lot of men and women in the wine/food industry.

Did you ever consider working in a barber shop?  Not at all, my interest is in women’s hair, however i have a large male clientele that left the barber shop to come sit in my chair. 

What do you do with your time off?  Travel, ride motorcycles, hang with my beautiful wife…. just kind of seeing where the day takes me.  No plans are the best plans.

Talk to me about starting out in the industry, trials and lessons learned.  Starting in the industry was definitely interesting, I had no idea what I was getting into coming from a world of traveling and music and stepping into hair.  I was lucky enough to to have a mentor who took me under his wing while I was at the local beauty college. We worked Tuesday-Saturday at his salon in town then Sunday, Monday in Santa Monica…then the opposing week we would work Monday in Carmel. So for a good couple years I had every other Sunday off.  Diving head first into the industry and working with 3 different types of clienteles was a good way to kick things off.

If you were gay what celebrity would you have a crush on?  Easy… Denzel. 

Dream client?  Samuel L Jackson. 

If you were to get a pet today, what would you get?  Anything that doesn't shed or make me sneeze.

Tell me about your travels?  I travel often but not enough.  I recently went to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the Dominican... did some hair in Mexico and traveled through Japan.  Having something on the calendar keeps me sane. 

When did you decide you wanted to do hair?  I guess I always kinda thought about it, I used to cut my own hair with a razor blade in high school. 

Who are your typical clients?  My typical clients are just everyday people.  Mostly in the food/wine industry.  Being from Paso that's pretty fitting.

Do clients travel to you?  Definitely, I have clients that drive up from LA and a few from NY. 

Any upcoming travel plans?  I just got back from spending a few weeks Japan.  I think all I have on the books right now besides weekend trips to the City (SF), is a couple trips to North Carolina and Toronto to spend 5 days at the Sassoon Academy. 

What kind of motorcycle do you have?  I ride a Triumph! I love that thing.

You work with your wife Becca currently at the same salon.  What’s that like?  It's awesome, even though we work together I still get to hear about her day.. We're too wrapped up with our own clients.  The nice thing is I can steal some tubes of color if I need it... Or her lunch!

What opportunities has being a hairstylist afforded you?  You get out of hairdressing as much as you put into it.  If you wanna be a bum, your career will mirror it. 

You won the lottery.  Would you still do what you do?  Absolutely. 

Tell me a crazy Europe story?  Getting black out drunk on Queen's Day in the Netherlands and waking up locked in a bar... and having to find our way out onto the roof to mission impossible ourselves down and hop through peoples backyards until we found our van parked in the street.  Only to discover the the rest of the band was locked in various bars around the town.  Cheers! 

Someone broke into your car, stole all your stuff, what would you do?  Wonder what the hell someone needed with like 67 cents and some random tubes of hair color.  Weird. 

Do you think you’ve ever killed a celebrity on xbox live?  Duh.

Tell me a joke.  Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other "Does this taste funny to you?"

Favorite beer?  Cheap beer, expensive bourbon. 

If you had a hundred dollars in Mexico, and a way back home tomorrow what would you spend it on?  Chickelts.

A day in LA or SF, what would you do?  Drink, shop, get lost. 

Tell me more about what you do besides cutting?  Color?  I do a lot of hair color!  Soft natural color patterns all day.

What are you goals for the future?  Keep building and improving.

Guilty late night fast food?  Sour gummy worms… 

What do you think will happen when you turn 30?  Hopefully I get a cake with 30 candles? 

Are unicorns real?  Are Biggie and Pac still alive?

Does music influence you, work wise or in your personal life?  All the time!  Music sets a tempo for your day.  Good music, good vibes, good work.

We toured Europe together, 15 countries or something like that.  Awesome to see you killing it and still making time for the drums.  How do you do it all?  There will always be time for drums.  Usually when I rehearse now its late nights after work and playing random shows on the weekends.  Gotta make time for it, you can only tap on your steering wheel for so long before you go crazy… or annoy the shit out of everyone else around you. 

What’s next for you?  Plans for the future in hair and personal?  Just going to continue to push myself and grow in this industry.  Eventually getting into education would be the end goal.

Check out his work below:


all photographs and interview questions by joshua caine