Las Vegas based band and childhood friends, GoldBoot is comprised of Bobby Lucy and Logan Lanning.  While together they share the song writing process, during live performances Bobby kills it on drums and back up vocals, while Logan destroys keys, guitar and vocals.  These guys have been in the music scene playing for various bands for as long as I can remember.  I've had the privilege to photograph them a number of times, interview them, as well as spend a solid amount of time on the road touring with them.  Can't tell you how awesome these dudes are! They just released an album titled Blackwhitegold which you can purchase on iTunes or here.  Go do yourself a huge favor and listen to these guys now, so as soon as they blow up and are main stage at Coachella, you can tell your friends you heard them first.  Check out some photos and videos I was apart of below.  Oh and be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media site that you spend your time staring at on your phone.  

Cheers dudes!  To the future and all the awesome huge things that are in store!